mama love: pinterest edition

There is no doubt that one of my favorite things to do is to check my daily Pinterest feed. It is eye candy and provides inspiration for crafts, recipes, decorating and a little daydreaming (especially my dream kitchen on the home that I will probably never have but like to think about).

Here are a few of the things I have pinned lately that make my heart swoon ...

I am excited to do some sort of version of this craft with my kids today. We have so many things that make us lucky. Another way to practice gratitude as we count the blessings in our life!

I made this Rosemary Garlic Chicken in my cast iron skillet this week. I would use a little less lemon next time, but it was really good. I love cooking with my cast iron skillet. It makes me feel all little house on the prairie. And, it makes me think of my Grandma since she gave it to me. She's good people.

I wish pinterest had been around when I still had napping babies in the house. This idea is brilliant! It never failed that the moment I cracked the door to check on my sleeping wee ones, that they would wake from the sound of the door being opened.

I will be trying this out today - simmer lemon, vanilla and rosemary with a little water as a natural home deodorizer. One pinned said it smells like Williams Sonoma stores.

I cannot wait for this kitchen trolley to arrive at IKEA in April! It will be such a great art cart, or drink station for parties, or kitchen cart ... It's about time IKEA added a little turquoise to their rainbow of colors.

Who wouldn't want to start their day with Breakfast Enchiladas? My kids. But, just ignore them because these looks amazing for me!

I want a big bowl of this Quick Chicken Enchilada Soup (by real mom kitchen) right now! I guess I will have to settle with making it this week. It looks so good.

I dig this St. Patrick's day surprise. My kids would love the rainbow licorice!

Umm, cutest cake ever. Who wouldn't love to have a rainbow cake with lollipops on top? Especially if it is served on an adorable turquoise table.

I am loving this brilliant housewarming gift idea - a lime tree along with some mexican beers. It would go well with the Quick Chicken Enchilada Soup!

Thank you, Pinterest, for all the lovely ideas and tips. You are something this mama loves.

What are your favorite pins from this week?

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