Ask Meleesa Ponytail Tutorial

Today we have another fabulous video tutorial from Meleesa, our resident hair and beauty expert and advocate. This tutorial is brilliant! Meleesa instructs on how to create a low ponytail, a side ponytail (that can be varied into a great side-swept bun), the ponytail with volume (that can be accessorized with head bands, or converted into a great bun for evenings out or a break from the every day "mom hair").

Not only will this tutorial help us out with our own hair, but it is really helpful for doing your daughters' hair. I am so excited to set up shop in my bathroom with my iPhone and practice along with Meleesa.

Meleesa is not just our resident expert here at Mama Manifesto, but she is also the local expert at her beauty salon in Huntington Beach, CA.

Continue to submit your questions for Meleesa here at Mama Manifesto (leave a comment), or by emailing

Wishing you all a GREAT hair day today.

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