We have another video tutorial for you today from Meleesa, our resident beauty expert. She is not just our resident expert here at Mama Manifesto, but she is also the local expert at her beauty salon in Huntington Beach, CA.

This video tutorial arrives with perfect timing for the Holiday season. She takes us step by step through how to get that beautiful, sassy, soft-tousled look for all the parties and holiday events on your calendar from now through New Year's Eve.

Go ahead and take your phone or computer in the bathroom with you so you can follow along. Your husband will only mock you until he sees how gorgeous you look - then, he will be speechless!

Products used in the video:

Continue to submit your questions for Meleesa here at Mama Manifesto (leave a comment), or by emailing askmeleesa@meleesathesalon.com

Happy Holidays, mamas!

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