Hair Color & Styling Tutorial

Today we get to share the first of our video tutorials from Meleesa.

We have the video broken into 2 parts due to its size. The first video focuses on color tips and suggestions with regard to coloring your hair. Melessa specializes in a color technique called "Bayalage", which ends up looking like very natural and sun-kissed highlights.

Towards the end of the first video, and in the second video, Meleesa gives a step-by-step tutorial on blowing your hair out. This tutorial was at my request, because as I shared with you all yesterday, I truly need to watch a step by step tutorial as I blow dry my hair.

I must preface these videos by saying that I was not drunk or in pain during the filming of these videos, although it does look like I am. Meleesa, on the other hand, is all gorgeous and stylish and cute in her Costa Rican way.

Please share your questions for Meleesa in the comments on this post.

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