My 10 year old "adult"

To say that I was distracted is an understatement. Captain Hook was circling, which was causing my otherwise fearless 6 year old to have a panic attack. She had a death grip on my middle, while my son was jumping up and down in excitement (pointing and all) because, well, Captain Hook was circling.

The swarthy pirate had his eye on us and was moving in to sign the kids’ autograph books and pose for photos. I was trying to quickly pay the breakfast bill while simultaneously grabbing for my camera and calming my daughter. For all I knew, breakfast could have been $100. And, it was – almost.

It turns out that per Disney, my 10 year old son is now an adult. That means $25 for the Disney’s Character Breakfast, thank you, ma’am. Seriously? He still sleeps in Buzz Lightyear jammies and can’t wait for Santa to shimmy down the chimney. He didn’t even get to be a teen yet – let alone the illustrious tween.

The whole “your 10 year old son is considered an adult” caught us completely off guard and for the most part, we thought it was equal parts ridiculous and funny. We teased him that he might want to start shaving and chided him about his life’s plan. As we sat there enjoying Chip and Dale, Minnie and Tigger, it was as if time stood still. I would have paid Disneyland another $100 to take it all back and declare my kid – “a kid!”

I couldn’t help but stare at my son clutching his autograph book and laughing at the character antics unfolding in front of us. When I looked back at my husband, he was starring at me. His caring, smiling eyes showed me he knew exactly how I felt. If I hadn’t been in the happiest place on earth, I might have actually cried.

As we said our last goodbyes to the characters and readied for a day of rides, my son quietly said, “I don’t want to be an adult.” That makes two of us, kid!

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