Must-Have Baby Guide: Clothes!

There are so many adorable clothing lines out there for babies and I suppose we can't call them all "must-haves," but of course, a baby needs clothes and I'm happy to tell you about a couple favorites of ours. I love baby clothes that are safe for baby, well-made and lovely...

Like those from Butters and Beans...

A fellow Minnesotan and mother is the brains behind Butters and Beans, a clothing line for babies, children and moms. All items are organic, soft and durable. We've had the pleasure of opening the sweet packages from B & B and enjoying the wares. I just truly love each and every thing. I mean, look at this adorable baby jewelry...

and the designs?

Yes. I KNOW.

Butters and Beans has become a favorite for making up my Elsie wish-list. You can shop around the Butters and Beans website here to see all of the many designs to love so much. (It's really a whole lot of fun.)



Another company that I love is Halo. When I had Elsie, the hospital provided the use of a Halo swaddler while we were there. We LOVED that thing and immediately went searching for it when we got home. Halo makes wearable blankets and swaddlers and now even includes a line of clothing for baby that keep that sensitive skin from getting over-heated.

Halo Sleep Sack base Layer

We love the Halo Sleep Sack Base Layer that was sent to us because our little Elsie runs quite warm and sweats easily in traditional pajamas. The base layer makes for easy night time diaper access and keeps Elsie at a comfortable temperature while also keeping her dry.

We top her off (with both milk and a wearable blanket) with a Halo sleep sack and hope for a few good hours of sleep. We were sent a lovely and very soft sleep sack like this one:

Here are the benefits of the wearable blanket as listed on the Halo site:
  • Sleeveless design allows for ventilation and reduces the risk of overheating.
  • Generous sack design allows room for kicking, but can’t be kicked off so baby stays warm all night.
  • Unzips from the bottom for easy diaper changes.
  • "Back is Best" embroidery reminds caregivers to place baby on his or her back.
  • Used by over 600 hospital nurseries as their product of choice for teaching parents safe sleep practices
  • Approved as "Hip Healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
  • A portion of every sale goes to First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.
I've been loving Halo products since our first son came along and appreciate the hard work they continue to do in coming up with innovative products that keep our babies safe and comfortable.

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