Must-Have Baby Guide: Tummy Soothing

If you're familiar with The Extraordinary Ordinary at all, you're fully aware that my nearly three month old, Elsie, has had a rough first few months. She is dealing with severe reflux and a very gassy tummy. Her older brother Asher had the same issues, so we've had a lot of experience in trying to soothe our sweet babes while they're in pain. (I've written a post over there with a plethora of information about colic and what seems to help if you'd like to learn more.)

Thankfully, our first baby (who is now six year old, Miles) didn't have these issues. I had no idea that there were more products out there other than medicinal simethicone drops at that time. With Asher and Elsie having such terrible stomach pain, I've become aware of natural options that work really well for gas and overall digestive comfort.

Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water is the one most caregivers are familiar with, and I believe that's because it works! Every time I mention Elsie's issues on Twitter or Facebook, someone recommends Mommy's Bliss. Many of these moms say that Gripe Water helped in the occasional times when (if they were nursing) they ate something that didn't sit well with their baby and/or if they had a colicky baby like mine and used it consistently.

Mommy's Bliss is safe and natural and babies (at least mine) seem to love the taste of it (they don't fight it like crazy like other medications). It also works quickly and effectively. When your baby is crying, quickly is what you want most of all.

Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water is available now in many stores. You can find a store that carries it near you by using the Store Locator on the Mommy's Bliss site or it can be purchased online here.

(Although this company was kind enough to send me some Gripe Water for review, these opinions are sincerely mine.)


A homeopathic remedy that has worked really well for us is called Colic Calm. This product includes many of the same natural stomach soothers as Mommy's Bliss, but it also includes (and this will sound weird) vegetable charcoal. This helps stimulate the digestive system to do its job, moving gas and poo through. So much of the time, what is ailing Elsie is her inability to get her gas out. Her tummy gets so full and hard and painful, and Colic Calm seems to be doing the trick in preventing that from happening.

I've spoken with our pediatrician about the Colic Calm formula and she had nothing but good things to say about it. So, we got the "safe" go-ahead that we mothers sometimes need, and therefore have peace of mind about trying something that we purchased online.

One thing to know about Colic Calm is that it does turn your baby's mouth black for a little while after each dose. It can also stain clothes, burpies and blankets so use care when using it. I for one am not too concerned about this as long as I'm bringing Elsie some relief.

Colic Calm is available online and is $18.95 a bottle. (Totally worth it in my opinion, and does last a long time.)


Hyland's also offers both teething and colic melt-away (natural) tablets. These also seem to help Elsie, dissolving and working quickly. We use these when she is especially fidgety and seems to be acting as if she's teething, chomping on her fist veraciously. (Asher had teeth by four months of age and it seems Elsie is also teething early.) Hyland's products are available in many stores and can even be purchased on Amazon.

Side note: I love that I can have peace of mind when using these natural remedies rather than medicinal ones, but I realize there is a time when medical intervention is necessary for a baby's comfort (and your sanity) and therefore we do have Elsie on a prescribed medication for her severe reflux.

Stay tuned for the next installment in the Must-Have Baby Guide wherein I tell you all about our favorite baby gear.

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