Must-Have Baby Guide: Babywearing

When I was pregnant with my first son, I walked the aisles of the baby department store wide-eyed and overwhelmed. I was holding that registering gun in my hand and beeping everything in sight. And then we had way too many contraptions around our house, many of them remaining under-utilized even through the birth and infancy of our second son.

By baby number three (who arrived in June!) I've learned (the hard way) what I truly need and love in the great big world of baby products. This must-have guide is a result of my adventures and will include a few posts featuring items that I believe every mother should have or at least try. My hope is to make your life easier (and less cluttered).


Let's start with babywearing!

I'm all about the ease and convenience of attaching my newborn and infant to myself and then USING MY FREE ARMS!

There are two products that I love and want to share with you today...

THE ERGO baby carrier

The Ergo pictured above includes a newborn insert for babies under 10 lbs. (sold separately.) After surpassing this weight, infants are placed directly in the Ergo, like this:

Right now my daughter, Elsie, is a wee one, so she frog-legs it inside the Ergo and not much of her noggin peeks out. It's one of her favorite places to be and I'm so grateful for that because she's got The Colic. The Ergo carrier is one of the only places this little lady will stop crying to sleep. I highly recommend the Ergo for all babies, but especially the fussy ones.

And check this out...NEW for Ergo--Petunia Pickle Bottom!


The BALBOA Sling

As much as I love a good carrier, I also must have babywearing slings. Balboa makes one of the best and one of the reasons I believe that is because it's SO easy to slide on. (We all know this is not the case with many more tricky babywearing items.)

Developed by Dr. Sears, the Balboa sling is "designed to grow as your baby does...(and) offers parents hands free motion and promotes bonding." - from the Balboa site.

What I personally love about the Balboa sling is its overall design, especially the padded edge for your baby's comfort. This sling is comfortable for both the caregiver and the baby and the designs to choose from are more than appealing. I especially love how padded the strap is that goes up and over your shoulder and the convenience of taking this sling along. It's lightweight and smaller than most and yet works safely and effectively, keeping your baby snug and close.

I have other slings, wraps and carriers, but these are the two I wanted to share as favorites because I honestly love them. Babywearing truly makes a mother's life easier but the options available can be overwhelming. So, I leave you with these two, the Ergo, which can be purchased here and the Balboa, which can be purchased here.

Happy wearing!

Disclaimer: I received both items for review from the companies free of charge. This is not the reason that I profess love for the Ergo and Balboa, though. I do that because my words are true, I'm a fan of both.

Heather writes at The Extraordinary Ordinary

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