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It’s been waaay too long since I offered up some good kid lit picks. And, since Mama Loves to read with her kiddos, here are some of my favorite summer-time finds.

The I'm NOT SCARED Book by Todd Parr

Mama loves Todd Parr, famed author of It’s Okay to Be Different, who just unveiled a brand new book, The I'm NOT SCARED Book. Todd's stories embody acceptance and tolerance – for others and ourselves. Unlike other books, I can read (or listen!) to one of Todd’s stories a thousand times (and probably have). Todd with Thumb Arcade also released his first iPhone app based on his wildly popular book My Underwear: Dos and Don’ts. The My Underwear iPhone/iPad app ($1.99) will easily get you through the grocery store or a dining experience. Just be warned … this app will also elicit uncontrollable and loud giggles from the 3-7 YO crowd (and maybe a few Dads too).

Kathryn the Grape by Kathryn Cloward & Jody Duhamel

Kathryn the Grape, a young girl armed with a magic wand and an imaginary butterfly, discovers her inner strength during that fantastic age where she is open to all the good that is in the world. I love that her wand “buzzes” whenever a little magic is in need – just like when our tummies flip and flop when we’re nervous. My favorite part – she can only use her magic for good (no turning her bros into toads). Kathryn the Grape is one of those rare books that opens up the door to life’s never-ending conversation about inner strength, unique voice, and the magic within. Bravo to first-time authors Kathryn Cloward & Jody Duhamel!

ZooBorns! by Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland

Really, there is nothing cuter (or uglier) than a new born animal. Take a newly born anteater. So darn ugly that it’s actually cute. ZooBorns! is a beautiful picture book that introduces baby critters from zoos and aquariums from around the world. The pictures are stunning and the words are simple enough for an early reader to enjoy. What’s really cool about ZooBorns? Both my kids had lots of questions about the animals pictured. At the end of the book, there was a section on getting to know the ZooBorns, which provided details on each animal’s species, zoo home, endangered status as well as tidbits on the animal’s personal story. Get daily pictures of the newest ZooBorns! by downloading a FREE Android or iPhone app.


(Disclaimer: I received these books and others for review, but only blog about those that inspire and touch me.)

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