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The Environmental Working Group has just released its 2011 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce. Topping the Dirty Dozen this year? The conventional apple. My kids eat apples every day! The handy guide lists the top conventional fruits and vegetables highest and lowest in pesticide residues (tested washed and peeled, as typically eaten!). Learn more and download the updated shopping guide here.

Dirty Dozen (buy these ORGANIC if possible!):

1. apples
2. celery
3. strawberries
4. peaches
5. spinach
6. nectarines (imported)
7. grapes (imported)
8. sweet bell peppers
9. potatoes
10. blueberries (domestic)
11. lettuce
12. kale/collard greens

Clean Fifteen (lowest pesticide contamination):

1. onions
2. sweet corn
3. pineapple
4. avocado
5. asparagus
6. sweet peas
7. mangoes
8. eggplant
9. cantaloupe (domestic)
10. kiwi
11. cabbage
12. watermelon
13. sweet potatoes
14. grapefruit
15. mushrooms

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