Love Notes

A couple of mamas in my neighborhood and I have started a little after school program for kids in our neighborhood. It has grown into the best part of my week. We are seeing kids change and grow into more loving little people right before our eyes.

Each week we do some sort of service project.

Each week we have a character trait that we focus on. Last week our character trait was "Encourage". The definition we gave the kids was "Showing support for others with our words and actions."

Our service projects just happened to fit perfectly. The kids made "Blessing Bags" for the homeless (a great way to support others with their actions). And, then they made Love Notes boxes to take home. The goal is for us to practice supporting our family members with our words by leaving love notes for them.

This idea was inspired by the Love Notes boxes that Becky Higgins made for her friends. We modified it slightly to fit our project, but she is the genius who came up with the idea!

If you are interested in making some Love Notes boxes for a family you love, this is what you need:

a small box of some sort - either a take out box like we used, or small container
post its

the "love notes" label, for on top of the box - Click Here for the google doc

the "love notes" verse for the front of the box - Click Here for the google doc. We attached the verse with a small brad, but you could tape it, staple it, or use a cute sticker or japanese masking tape.

the "love notes" description for the inside of the box (or it could be tied to the box with cute ribbon or twine) - Click Here for the google doc

These would be super cute to give out at Christmas or Valentine's Day to families you love. You could put some Hershey's kisses in the bottom of the box to sweeten the deal.

Now, go love on someone.

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