Bucket List: June 2019

I recently came to a horrifying realization. My bucket list has a deadline. 8 years and 2 months to be exact.

I was content in thinking that my bucket list could exist existentially and, well, until I kicked the bucket. This gave me all the time in the world to dream, plan and do all the wonderful things I want to do before I head North.

Truth-be-told, a bucket list is a little cliché for me. It’s like choosing books from the Oprah list. Ugh. Rather not. So, up until recently, my “list” only existed in my head and I only talked about it during long car trips when I was bored out of my gored.

Then, as often is the case, a good book made me start thinking more about my life – and a concrete bucket list. While reading a lovely memoir meets cookbook called “Lunch in Paris,” I was reminded of our three-week Euro trip in 2000 – pre-kids. It was heaven. And, it’s also something that we talk about more and more. When should we go back with the kids? What do we want them to see? Which countries and how long? France, of course, tops the list.

This has made me think A LOT about all the things I want to do with my kids before they are grown. In fact, I finally confided my most secret desire to my hubs last week. It went something like this. “Honey, I really, REALLY want an RV. Very soon, I might add.” His response (or question, I should say) went like this: “Really?”

I explained that we already have the fancy bike rack (which is relevant – yes, it is!). You can’t have an RV, unless you have the bike rack on the back, right? That would be a rookie-RV maneuver. It would be such a gift to travel to the National Parks and breath in nature and all its wonder with the kids. He just smiled … didn’t say a word.

That’s when I realized that I do have a bucket list. In fact, “Lunch in Paris” and the random RV sighting unleashed a long list of must-dos. Paris with the kids, an RV to countless national parks, a trip to DC, visits to Presidential libraries, saving for college (and more saving for college).

In only eight years, my son graduates from high school. Eight years isn’t enough time. In fact, the thought of accomplishing it all in eight years is enough to give a pre-menopausal mother a bonafide panic attack. It’s too soon.

Thankfully, there are many things on my list that don’t require a spreadsheet and refinancing the homestead. So, for now, I’ll continue to make homemade dinners and push the H2O consumption. It’s an everyday challenge that leads to my ultimate bucket list “to do” — raising children who eat (and appreciate) real, whole foods. I’m hoping eight years is long enough to accomplish this one!

By the way, the lady going through the drive-thru that looks just like me … she’s my illegitimate half, real twin sister, who relishes making vision board for her friends.

This post was inspired by Lunch in Paris, the April pick for the From Left to Write Book Club. A complimentary copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher. My two cents – Lunch in Paris was a true delight – equal parts romance/sweet memoir and fab-o recipes that brought out the “Frenchy” in me. For the love of cheese!!

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