Berry Dangerous

[source: Elana's Pantry]

It's Spring Break in our home which means there is a whole lot more time discussing knock knock jokes and crafting silly "word riddles" like "Berry Dangerous". I am thrilled to have my 1st grader home this whole week and aim to be as intentional as I can with the open days that lie ahead.

On a more serious note - I read a post over at Elana's Pantry today that was incredibly disturbing to me. Elana's Pantry has become part of my daily reading and serves to inspire some great nutritional inspiration every time I visit. If you and your family like strawberries, I am encouraging you to read THIS POST.

I had no idea that our conventionally grown strawberries are grown with the "help" of 53 pesticides. We strive to buy organic berries, but I have been known to put the non-organic berries in my cart when the organic ones cannot be found. I also had no idea how dangerous methyl iodide is. Ugh. When will we learn that it is better to pay up front for our health than on the back end?

Thankfully, there is something we can all do - Fill out this petition that has been created by PAN (Pesticide Action Network in North America) asking the EPA to ban the use of methyl iodide.

One of our Spring Break to do items is to plant our own berry garden. Lets hope for a bountiful harvest!

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