Talk Back: A Parenting "Mulligan"

I am a big fan of living in the present and trying to focus on my future actions rather than dwelling on the past.

That being said ... what if you had the chance for a "do over" as a parent?

What would hindsight inspire you to do differently?

Would you discipline differently? Would you shut down the "family bed" before it began? Would you institute the "family bed" and have memories of warm bodies snuggled against you in bed? Would you do private over public? Would you respond to an event with your child differently?

Is there anything you would do differently if given the chance?

Today, I am given you that chance, and we want to hear what you would do ...

Here is my response:
Heavy response
I'd visit myself as a brand new mama and whisper in my own ear: "Don't worry so much."

Light Response
I would NEVER have let my kids play with my iphone. They would not even know what an angry bird is.

Just for fun, I asked my husband the same question. Here is his response:

I would not have asked my preschooler to say, "I'm watching you 'Focker'!" (As you can imagine, "focker" was completely mispronounced, and because we started laughing, this phrase was repeated a few times.)

For real, I cannot wait to read your answers!

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