Mama Love

... I love the cozy new "slippers" from Snoozies. Picture this - a cozy slipper that is crossed with a sock. You have the ability to wash them like a sock (perfect for the busy mama who may step right in that spilled juice!), but they have a sherpa lining and the slip on comfort of a slipper. The anti-slip soles keep your feet on the floor, even when it is a slippery surface. Happy feet make for happier mamas.

... We have loved getting to test out a fun and educational game: Synonyms. It is a clever word game that has your mind spinning and racing as you search your "mental vault" for vocabulary. This is the perfect multi-tasking game for kids and teens who need some prodding to work on their vocabulary for future college test prep. It was created by parents who wanted to help their own kids work on their vocabulary. Honestly, it is challenging! I was reminded that my mental muscles are out of shape and that more time should be spent exercising my brain. I was surprised by how many words I learned while playing this game.

... We love the Ignite stroller from The First Years. Whoever designed this stroller really got it: ample storage (basket and console) for parents - check; taller handles that fit parents comfortably - check; a stroller that maneuvers like a stroller should (not like the funky shopping carts with the one wheel that turns on it's own and makes it impossible to go left when you are steering to the left) - check; shade canopy for sunny days - check; one hand folding - check; euro design on a frugal mama budget - check! This is an umbrella stroller to love.

... You know I love real food. I was absolutely shocked when I learned that tomatoes were being cross with fish (flounder) in a the bio-engineering process. I know we all like juicy tomatoes, but that is just sick and wrong! I am loving the packaged stewed tomatoes from Pomi. Pomi is a BPA free tomato product straight from Italy. Packaged in a Tetra Pak, the tomatoes are kept extremely fresh and have a long shelf life, bringing us the straight off the vine taste we love, but can’t necessarily obtain during the winter. Pomi has no preservatives, added water, artificial flavor, additives, or citric acid. Pomi watches the process from the seed (non genetically modified), to harvest (pesticide free), and packaging (which is recyclable). Hands down, Pomi is the healthiest and safest tomato product on the market this winter!

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