Mama Love: Heely's

I always look forward to seeing which of the Christmas presents that are given to my kids win as the most loved and most attention retaining items.

This year we had a few that were all really close ...

... My kids LOVE their blendy pens. The blendy pens are really fun for my kids - not so fun for me. They demand mama intervention and help while in use. -Not my favorite aspect of a toy. But, they are a great lesson in cause and effect and help my kids exercise creativity.

... My son LOVES his Blu Track. I've gotta say - the blue track creation is pretty amazing. He creates these brilliant tracks all through our house that keep him entertained for hours at a time (Mama LOVES!). This mama also loves that while he is playing he is learning about gravity and other elements of science and engineering (he does not realize he is learning all that, but he is).

... The big huge hit for my daughter and I are our Heely's. We LOVE them.

Just to keep it totally real, I have to tell you that my first few attempts at Heelying were really awkward (for me and any viewers). I think that if I had a camera crew following me, I could have become the number one youtube video and possibly a winner for America's Funniest Home videos. The youtube title would be something like "awkward mom learning how to heely takes a spill in her kitchen". Or, maybe "watch a 7 year old heely better than her mother".

So, it started out a little shaky, but after learning our "balance point" (it sounds very zen), and practicing, we have gotten the hang and love our Heely's. My daughter zips through our house giggling and we are getting better outdoors too.

If you are looking into Heely's I am going to suggest the Heely's HX2 line. It allows you to start with 2 wheels in each shoe, and as you gradually get the hang of it, one of the wheels can be popped out and the Heely's convert to the traditional pair with one wheel.

I was a huge fan of roller skating as a child, and I am taken right back to those beautiful days my pig tails blowing in the wind behind me, as I cruised around my cul-de-sac, skating and dancing to my rockin' pink ghetto blaster with the My Little Pony stickers on the side. I am super stoked that my daughter has found this outlet as well. In her own words - she is flying over the sidewalk when she "Heely's".

Fly, baby girl, fly!

What holiday presents have won in your home?

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