Do People Ever Change?

Over the weekend, I received an email from my moms' group with a link to a Myers-Briggs assessment.

I belong to a fantastic moms' group and I'm not just saying that because I'm on the steering committee...

We meet twice a month at a church. Childcare is provided at the nursery, which allows the moms a chance to have a linear conversation and an entire cup of coffee... while it's still hot.

As I write this post at 9pm, I am staring at my coffee mug from this morning, abandoned when one smacked the other... or someone spilled the last of the milk... or a million other things that prompts the dreaded whines of "Muhhhhh-mmmeeeeee".

In other words, I live for my bi-weekly morning escapes, which always go by too quickly!

Each time we meet, we also have a speaker on a parenting topic ranging from emergency preparedness to dental health to meals for kids. In February, a consultant will be doing a presentation on personality assessments and family dynamics, hence the link to the Myers-Briggs assessment...

I've taken the Myers-Briggs on numerous occasions. The first time was in a high school guidance counselor's office and just for fun. I took it again when my college was trying to match me with a roommate freshman year, and many more times after that as psych major. I believe I even administered this assessment at one point.

The last time I took it was probably in grad school or as a team building exercise for work. In any case, it was certainly pre-baby and pre-wedding.

My results have fluctuated slightly over the years, depending on where I was in life or why I was taking it. Let's just say, my "team building" answers were very different from my "roommate" answers.

For the most part, I've consistently remained an ENTJ type. (Extraverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging).

As I sat down in front of my computer this weekend with a cup of tea (a fresh one) and started clicking through the questions, I considered how much my answers probably differ over the years. Of course, I don't exactly remember my response to every single question, but imagine it goes something like this:

When you don't agree with what has just been said, do you usually "let it go" or debate you side?

"College me" lived for conjecture. "Grown-up me" is just grateful to be in the company of other adults. Why ruin it?

Do you find being with other people thrilling or exhausting?

Depends. Do any of these "other people" require me to chop up their meals, wipe their butts, and of keep track of their loveys?

Do you like things to be scheduled or more flexible?

My carefree, childless twenty year-old self would gasp in horror at the weekly meal planner that replaced the "happy hours" chart, listed by day, location, and time. Okay, so carefree, childless twenty-year-old me was a little anal too. Bad analogy.

I don't get the result of my assessment until next month, but I'm so very curious how much motherhood, age, and circumstance has changed my "personality" over the years.

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  1. That will be interesting to see. I have taken Myer's Briggs a number of times too and although my numbers fluctuate within each category, my overall profile continues to be the same. However, I don't have kids yet either!


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