Outing my hubby & his mini-van hang-up

(Photo Footnote: Identities of mini-van driver and riders have been altered to protect the innocent.)

My husband hates our mini-van. I’m pretty certain that he’ll only drive it if the kids and I are visibly riding in said car. Consider the consequences of driving the mini-van without the kids? Apparently, other dudes pity the poor male sap who has to drive the family truckster – or so I’m told.

About once a month, my hubby asks the same question: “Do you think we’re done with the minivan?” My typical tempered response: “What? No, honey. We’re not dooone with the minivan.”

However, our conversation recently escalated when our much “cooler” car needed to be smog checked. I suggested that we trade cars for the day. It seemed reasonable. He could drive the mini-van to work and I would take care of the smog check, which was awfully decent of me on two accounts.

First, shuttling kids around in a sport sedan is well, not always easy and requires that we all be extra mindful of crumbs and other crap left in the car. (Not my strong suit.) Second, I was saving him (us!) a late fee for a smog check that he had previously had two months to complete. (Yeah – fodder for another blog post.)

His response, “No way! I can’t roll like that.” Oh, if you could have heard my lecture, which included you should thank God that you have a good job and nice car to drive. Didn’t matter. He wasn’t kidding and he also wasn’t budging.

All this has got me thinking. Not necessarily about how stuff defines you, but how it makes you feel. My car screams mom-mobile versus the ubber cool "mobile mom." The van is all about function. Yet, it has the added benefit of comfort. It’s like eating a plate full of mashed taters with gravy – all comfort with heapings of mess. Ridding in his car is like wearing a leather jacket – all attitude, baby.

Clearly, the mini-van makes my hubby feel less hub-a-licious. I suppose that I could be more sensitive to his mini-van hang-up and not duck and hide when we’re riding around town. Nah, teasing him is waaay more fun.

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