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I think one of the most common things I hear from fellow mamas is how much we all struggle with the un-ending to do list that comes with the territory of motherhood and kids underfoot. I have often described it as feeling like I am living out the plot of Groundhog Day - you know, where the same day starts over and over. Same tasks. Same snacks. Same dishes. Same chores. Same fights. Same. Same. Same.

It just is what it is. I don't think we can escape it. We will have a lot of mundane tasks, and we will probably end each day feeling like we did not really complete any one of them.

I saw this post over at Under the Sycamore and immediately thought, "AHA! That is a great tool for me." The whole idea of having weekly goals is brilliant! Because I have my daily grind goals that seem to suck up the time, and the name of the game in this season of life seems to be INTENTIONALITY. I have to be intentional with everything I want to do. My husband and I may really want to carve out some solo time, but if we are not intentional about it, it ain't gonna happen. Kristen and I have been talking a lot lately about how easy it is to all of the sudden realize that you aren't really connected to your peeps anymore. Life can sweep through and all of the sudden it has been a month or so since you have really connected with friends or other families that you care about.

The same thing is true for my goals that I would certainly like to accomplish. When Ashley Anne was writing about her goals I felt some serious mama solidarity.

So, I have put together a little Weekly Goals template for myself. Feel free to use. I loved the 4 categories so much that Ashely shared that I copied them. They are Home Organization (I'll be tackling my pesky linen cupboard this week), Project Completion (finishing my daughter's preschool scrapbook seems like a good one, since she is now in 1st grade), Something for Someone Else (love this idea of weekly planning how we can love on someone else), and Each Kid (this one makes my heart sigh because I desperately need to be intentional with doing something with or for each kiddo of mine every week. This week I am taking my girlie on a date, and my hubby is taking my son on a date.)

I know that there will be weeks (probably more than not) where I will not accomplish these goals. But, at least I am starting my week with them on my mind and working at that intentionality piece to the equation.

There is a lot to be learned about surrenduring to the beauty that is found in the mundane.

I continue to push forward.

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