ten on ten

Introducing ten on ten...

Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments!

Typically, the idea here is to document a whole day's worth of photos in one post, but we thought it would be fun to create a Mama Manifesto compilation. We hope this inspires you to remember to capture simple, everyday moments and record them, as well!

Here's a peek into our "ordinary"...

9 am, by Julie: Prepping Santa Fe Soup for a brand new mama. Bringing a meal is a guaranteed way to see and snuggle a sweet newborn.

10 am, by Grace: Somehow I've convinced my kids that Whole Foods is a destination. It's currently their favorite place to be.

11 am, by Cari: My youngest at soccer!

12 pm, by Ali: I got to steal away for a walk by myself (!!) at Balboa Island. It is one of my favorite places in the whole world, and is now only about 10 minutes from my house. I snapped this picture from my iphone, using the Instagram, an amazing free photo app.

1 pm, by Heather M.: 'Hi, I'm Cole. I refuse to nap unless I'm in the car. The second mommy takes me out, I wake up ready to be entertained. Good thing I'm cute!'

2 pm, by Kristen: Two siblings, engaged in an epic battle: Will we play princess dress-up, or beanbag spaceship? Finally, a compromise.

3 pm, by Sharon: My son Gobez is only 8, but he's been playing competitive soccer for the past year. Twice a week we head directly from school to practice. I get tired of the rushing, the routine and time that soccer demands of us. I think my son gets tired too, but his love for the sport and for his team draws a level of responsibility out of him that I don't see in any other situation. Today, as I watch him go, I try to be thankful that he is healthy, that he is strong, and that he already knows the joy of contributing to something bigger than himself.

4 pm, by Heather M.: Diaper change #6, and counting.

5 pm, by Elizabeth: 'wiggle it Mom, c'mon wiggle it!'

6 pm, by Grace: Precious cargo.

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