SUNDAY GIVEAWAY: Sesame Street Video Games

Video games aimed towards my preschooler? Yes. Yes. I was skeptical too...

Besides the fact that the last thing my son needs is more screen time, there just hasn't been many (worthwhile) video games for preschoolers. Well, Warner Brothers Interactive and Sesame Street decided to do something about that. They created some!

Two, in fact: Sesame Street: Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure and Sesame Street: Cookie's Counting Carnival.

After attending a presentation and live demo given by the producer and educational consultant on these games (both moms, by the way. Yea! Girls in tech!), I decided to give them a chance.

Created with the same thoughtfulness, research, and innovation that has gone into forty-one years of Sesame Street's award-winning programing, I was impressed by how well these games engaged my preschooler.

Here are some of the highlights:
  • Elmo's A-to-Zoo Adventure teaches letter identification, letter sounds, word families shapes, and colors, while exploring zoo habitats. Cookie's Counting Carnival focuses on math skills including number recognition, counting, shapes, and pattern recognition, while journeying through a carnival.

  • Both games are available for the Wii, Nintendo DS, and PC.

  • The Wii and DS versions come packaged with "kid-friendly game helpers" for smaller hands. The Wii version comes with the most adorable, soft wii-mote covers, which hide unnecessary buttons and make it easier to hold. The DS version comes with a jumbo clicky stylus.
  • Provides auditory prompt and reminders. "Hey, remember that thing you were doing? Let's go back to doing that..." Plus lots of positive reinforcement. Do they knows kids or what? Ha!
  • Geared towards three- to five-year-olds, the game difficulty adapts to the child's level as they play.

  • Allow parents to customize up to four profiles (great for multi-child/skill-level homes), review curriculum, and assist without talking the wii-mote away. A major finding from the game research: "Don't ever take a remote away from a child. It can get ugly..."

  • The game also allows parents to set time limits on game play.

  • The Wii version also incorporates the best part of the Wii experience--movement, connecting learning and cognitive skills with the entire body.
This week, we are giving away not one... but TWO versions of the game

This means there will be TWO very lucky winners next week!

Leave a comment letting us know which version of the game you would like (Wii or DS) and the answer to this question:

Who is your all time favorite Sesame Street character and why?

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[This giveaway will be closed Saturday, 11/20 at 11 p.m. PST and the winner will be announced next Sunday!]

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