Best Bike Trailer: Joovy Cocoon

Rarely does a new baby gear product inspire me to say it just might improve our life.  I’ve seen many products that I like, that look good, or that make things more convenient.  But in our quest to be an active family, I think the new Joovy Cocoon might just help us achieve a healthier lifestyle.


First of all, let me talk about Joovy for a minute.  They are a SoCal-based company, and they are one of those companies that seems to really put a lot of thought into the design of their products.  As a mom of four, I have tried many a double stroller in my day, and I still think that their Caboose Ultralite is one of the most ingenious strollers for moms of multiple little ones.  They also have a king-sized play yard and an array of well-designed strollers and accessories. 

I was thrilled to be able to try the newest product in the Joovy lineup: the Cocoon.  How do I explain the awesome of the Cocoon?  It is a hybrid pod, functioning as both a jogger and a bike trailer.  Even better?  IT COMES IN A DOUBLE VERSION.

The Cocoon is a smart purchase because it functions as two things. a bike trailer and a jogging stroller.  I love a big piece of gear that can multi-task.  We have quite the array of children’s products . . . it often feels like I am tripping over a stroller graveyard in my garage.  I also think that trunk space is a premium, so it’s nice that this can fit into the trunk of my car and perform two functions for when I’m planning a last-minute outing.

As a jogger, the Cocoon is a very smooth ride.  Large, bike-style wheels make for easy pushing.  Unlike many jogging wheels with a fixed front wheel, the Cocoon has swivel wheels in front, so a tight turn is no problem.  I wouldn’t recommend it for the mall, but it is perfect for walks around the neighborhood and ideal for long runs.

The seating is very different than a traditional stroller, and the name “cocoon” is fitting.  The kids sit low to the ground in their own space with a zippered door and mesh window.  For me, it was great to have the kids contained in their own compartment.  There was no flinging of sippy cups off the side of the stroller, and for a really long walk we could even bring a portable DVD player without risk of it being dropped.  There is a 5-point harness for each child and mesh pockets that the kids can reach themselves.


bike connector


The conversion from stroller to bike trailer is really simple: you simply remove the front wheels and attach the fixed trailer bar.  As a bike trailer, the Cocoon is great.  It provide a smooth ride for the kids and it is very easy to pull.  There is a vinyl cover that can be zipped up to provide a shield from wind or nasty weather.

I’m thrilled about the Cocoon and hopeful that it will make it a bit easier for our family to stay active.

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