TALK BACK: Unsolicited Advice

So, we've all been there.

Your normally happy-go-lucky child is throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a store and some she-thinks-she-means-well mother comes from across the store to give you advice.  Advice that you didn't ask for.  Advice that actually hurts more than it helps.

Like the time that a friend of mine told me that when my son was hungry, he would eat.  As if his feeding problems could be so easily solved.  So while I said, "maybe," on the outside, on the inside I wanted to scream, punch, or just go off on a rant about how it isn't that simple.

The thing is, she meant well.  I know that.  But that random lady in the grocery store that tells me I am doing something wrong as a mother?  She is definitely out to get me.

My question, this beautiful fall Monday, is how do YOU deal with this unsolicited advice?  Are you graceful and let it roll off your back?  Or do you take it personally and punch the person in the face?

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