SUNDAY GIVEAWAY: Creativity for Kids Special Occasions Fashion Kit

I am so very excited about this giveaway.
Not just because it is a fabulous product.
Not just because it is a "toy" that will inspire creativity and open-ended play (huge values for us over here at Mama Manifesto).
Not just because it is perfect timing for the holidays and one of our readers will get this in time to GIVE it to their favorite little designer. (yay)

I think I am most excited about this giveaway because it reminds me of my childhood. It reminds me of watching my mom sew and knowing in my heart how talented she was, and feeling so proud. Seeing her create inspired me so often. And, she was so great about letting me explore my creativity. I could dive into her buttons, trims, extra fabric, and tear levi's apart to sew purses out of the pockets. She was so patient with me when I needed help RIGHT THEN. Now that I am a mom, I know how incredibly irritating it is to be pulled away from all the things that you needed to get done yesterday to help your child with something that is so not important.
But, to them - it is.

So, you do it.

Yep, my mom is amazing.

This giveaway is too. The Special Occasion Fashions kit is the perfect gift for the creative child who wants to explore designing clothes and sewing. It is perfect for the girl who is constantly accessorizing her barbies. And, I am pretty sure any little girl will swoon when she sees how "big girl" this all is, and that it is her's to explore. It's pretty dreamy. My daughter squeeled, "My very own thimble!" when she saw it. And then, she sat and touched all the different fabrics and trims so gingerly and with little sighs. It felt a little bit like a "little house on the prairie" moment when the girls are given real dolls for the first time. It was sweetly refreshing.

The kit includes a dress mannequin, a satin dress, yards of fabric, trims, sewing essentials, a tape measure, thimble, sketch book, sketching pencils, fabric swatches, satin pincushion, sparkle fabric paint, scissors, veil accessories and more. -Plenty of raw material to play with.

It makes me think of the incredible Anna Marie Horner. (Before you click through to her blog or website, just know that you will fall into a deep, deep blog hole and have a really hard time clawing your way out. She is like anthropologie in a person. Her house is amazing, her talent is huge, and she has a pretty ridiculous love for her family that inspires me every time I read her words. Oh, and she is beautiful and looks way too young to have all the kids she has. And, her kids are beautiful. Okay - you were warned.) I love how she shares quite often that her love of fabric and sewing started when she was a young girl and she would design and sew outfits for her barbies.

So, enter to win by leaving a comment answering one of the questions below (I could not decide on just one). Your child just may become an insanely talented artist like Anna someday too. Or, they will just have a ball poking pins in cushions and creating little "ensembles".

Question #1:

"Did you dig into your mom's crafty stuff as a kid? What did you like to create?"

Question #2:

"What was the day you felt the most beautiful? What were you wearing?"

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[This giveaway will be closed Saturday at 11 p.m. and the winner will be announced next Sunday!]

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