The Screamiest Mom In The World

My four-year-old son has taken to collecting things he finds when we're out and about-- a pine cone, an orange thread, lost buttons... His pockets are a wonderland of surprises, but it keeps him occupied and, most important, question-free while I shop. Win-Win.

I, however, did have to draw the line at taking the price labels off the shelves at a craft store last week. Kids need boundaries, after all.

This morning's treasured item was a flimsy plastic pumpkin that had clearly broken off something else and was found in the $1 section at Target.

After toting it through the store for a while, my son asked if we could buy it. I began to explain that it wasn't for sale since it was only part of an item... blah, blah, blah, but all he heard was, "No!"

"BUT I WAH-UHUHUHUHUH-NT IT!!!" he whined.

I gently tried to explain it in a different way, "I know, Sweetie, but this is a broken toy..."

"Why can't I have it?", he begged. In vain, I tired yet another way, but he was too far gone for reason. The more the I tried comfort, the more insistent he became.

This went on for a few more rounds until I just lost it. Right there, in the center aisle of my local Target (the only decent place to shop in my town and therefore the most populated even at 9 am on a Tuesday), I bent down, grabbed him by the arm, and explained to his face ONE. LAST. TIME. why we could not BUY the stinkin' pumpkin. (And, no I wasn't going to let him just take it either.)

Then, channeling my mother, I finished off with the classic, but not classy "Stop asking me questions if you're not going to listen to the answer".

I stood up just in time to catch a glimpse of someone in my moms' group darting off. Chances are she never even saw (or... um, heard) me and was just going about her business. But it's more likely that she did and was running away.

My voice carries.

I don't blame her. I won't want to be seen with me either.

I know every kid has tantrums or comes down with a case of the gimmes. I know every parent loses their cool, behaves less than textbook, and gets embarrassed, but sometime I just feel like the screamiest parent in the world.


  1. Oh Grace those moments are hard...and we all have them

  2. And this is why I read blogs prove that I am not alone!! Thank you for being honest. And know that you aren't the only one that this happens to!!!!

  3. It's part of the job description as a mum! Our kids are massive almost obsessive fans of the Bearnstein Bears and there is an awesome episode that deals with having a case of the gimmies that we encourage our kids to watch:) Lovely blog by the way - looking forward to following along as I am mommy to three kiddos with twins on the way from Ethiopia!
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  4. At least you didn't scream at someone else's kids...which is what I did yesterday at a school activity. I'd repeatedly chased off a group of teen boys who didn't belong there and were causing problems. I had had it by the time I saw kids on top of the batting cages. So, I charged across the field bellowing that they needed to get down right now, and that they all knew that what they were doing was absolutely unacceptable and that the police were going to be called if they didn't shape up.

    By the time I'm close enough to really see, I realize that I've terrified a handful of unsupervised 4th & 5th graders - my kids' peers. Of course, the did need to be ordered down for their safety and so they didn't break the net, but I still feel terrible about my approach.


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