Recycled Plastic Bag Pumpkin

We have a full-blown pumpkin obsession going on in our house. It started with just one pumpkin. We were at Trader Joe's and I had my trusty 4 year old companion with me. (Sidenote: I don't think he has ever been more scrumptious than at this current age. He has this way of talking like John Wayne - out of the side of his mouth with his s's sounding like a cross between a "sh" and "z" sound.)

He spotted the massive display of pumpkins and wanted to bring one home. One turned into two, and they made it into our cart. They had names by the time we got home. "Pumpky" (I know, original, right. Everything that he names ends with the "-ie" sound. His pet stuffed dolphin is "Dolphy" and his stuffed turtle is "Shelly" and his stuffed owl is "Owly".) and "Papa Pumpky".
These pumpkins got lots and lots of love over the next week. He would sit with them on the front porch, "visiting". He introduces them to his cars and his friends and his stuffed animal friends. He shares his snack with them. -So, all this love and appreciation softened my heart for the next Trader's visit and when he asked so nicely if he could please get another pumpkin for the pumpky family, I was in.

The trend has been established - when we go to Trader Joe's, we return with a pumpkin for our little pumpky family. We are up to about 7 pumpkins. I will say that the prices for these pumpkins are the lowest I have ever seen. (Reason #798 I love Trader Joe's).

So, when I stumbled on this craft idea, I knew we had to try it. I love that we can recycle plastic grocery bags into a cute pumpkin craft. This is also one pumpkin that will last longer than the Fall season. Allow yourself some time to scroll through Kathy's blog. It is full of so many great art projects for kids. (I love the step-by-step instructions she gives.)

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