Mama Manifesto

What's your mama manifesto?

I mean, have you really thought about it? What's your mission statement? Motherhood is the toughest job in the world. You might as well make a statement all your own. Something that reminds you of your values, of what you want out of life, of what you want for your kids.

Here are ours. Why not write your own?

Ali's Manifesto:

my mama manifesto is…
-to empower fellow mamas with resources, empathy, community, inspiration, compassion, shortcuts, laughter, courage, wisdom, strength, esteem, honor, great gear, healthy living choices, and above all else, a moment to know that YOU'RE NOT ALONE…
-to share my motherhood journey in an authentic, humble way...
-to raise healthy, smart, kind, brave, compassionate, green, Godly, free spirited kids…
-to encourage fellow parents to invest in their marriages and to co-parent well so that we can live inspired lives...
-to help moms in impoverished parts of the world realize their dreams for their children to have food, water, shelter, education, and health…

Kristen's Manifesto:

my mama manifesto is…
- to be honest about the struggles of motherhood, and learn to laugh at ourselves just a little.
- to be truly present with my kids, and treat each of them as a unique and valued individual
- to take care of the world we live in, and teach my children to be responsible citizens
- to encourage and educate moms to raise kids that are healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
- to learn to have intimate relationships with people instead of a computer or tv screen

Amy's manifesto:

my mama manifesto is...
- to care greatly for my very own soul, mind, and body
- to model for my children knowing your God infused purpose and responding to it
- to create a family dynamic that spontaneously cares for people in our community
-to give myself permission to be way less than perfect and try things that don't work perfectly
-to always choose to speak words that are life giving and soul nourishing.... always
-to treat my husband with the same respect I want my children to offer me


We want to hear it.


  1. Thank you for this, I have always had the idea (aka fantasy) that mother hood was full of fun, delight, joy, and contentment if done right, now I see that if done right or not its full of frustration, chaos, exhaustion, guilt, and not enough joy and fun. I adore my kids, and I have great kids, they are awesome, but every day has so much non joy moments, I felt I was doing it all wrong. In talking to other moms (including the Christian counselor i talk to every week)I found out its not that im doing it wrong its just how mother hood is.
    What a wonderful idea to have a blog for moms to talk about their daily moments whether frustrations or joy or what ever.
    Thank you

  2. Welcome to the table, Hogan! We are so glad that you have joined us and we could not agree more!

    We can spur one another on, or at least lose our minds together!


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