TALK BACK: We Need Him to be Calm

So, my husband and I are often ill-prepared to take our son out to eat.  We forget the bag of many chew toys, rattles, and other things that usually keep him occupied for an evening.  It's become our habit to arrive at a restaurant, try to put a fussy baby in a high chair, and then curse ourselves for not remembering the toys and books that will keep him from flinging our plates, forks, napkins (or whatever else he can reach) onto the floor in sheer boredom.

We have discovered the magic of The Wiggles.  There is one video that is basically "crack" for our son.  He will sit there quietly for the whole hour and just watch.  Every single time we put it on.

And while I am sure I could get jailed for the amount of time I just plop him in front of the television set, there are times where we really require him to be calm.  I could tell you about the issues, the vomiting, blah blah blah....but lets just suffice it to say that he needs to be still for an hour every three hours.

So the Wiggles do the trick.

Except we still haven't figured out how to make that magic happen when out and about.

Until last night, when at dinner with our family, his Uncle Mac whipped out his iPhone and downloaded The Wiggles right then and there.  We propped the phone up against a shaker of pepper flakes and for the next hour, we ate our pizza dinner in relative silence as our son became engrossed in The Wiggles.  He even looked at the screaming kid at the table next to us as if inviting him: "C'mon, kid, I've got Wiggles.  Come watch and be happy."

So what do you do in a pinch to keep your kids calm?  Do crayons do it?  Is there a favorite stuffed animal?  How do you get through a dinner out without bringing a suitcase full of every toy imaginable?

I would like to hear your answers.  If not for the sake of everyone reading, just for my own benefit in the future!

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