TALK BACK: Packing School Lunches

Just in time for the new school year, I have had the pleasure of testing out a sustainable Bento System by Laptop Lunches. I love the idea of waste-free lunch packing! Laptop Lunches are American-style bento boxes designed to help families pack nutritious, eco-friendly lunches for school, work, and travel. They are reusable, recyclable, and dishwasher safe... containing NO phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), or lead. Awesome.

My fourth grader is really picky, but after years of peanut butter on whole wheat and apple slices to-go, we were both so ready for a change this year. Bento Buddies come in a variety of bright colors and actually make lunch packing FUN. They hold just the right portion sizes for fruits, veggies, nuts, crackers & hummus... pretty much anything beyond PB & J you can think of. And no more plastic baggies! Bento Systems come complete with a reusable water bottle, a fork and spoon, and a spot for an ice pack.

My daughter and I love this system. She has become totally into packing her own lunch, and I'm loving the combos she comes up with. Laptop Lunches even has clever ideas for the bored or picky eater right on their website.

So what about you, Mamas... Has your family been inspired to go waste or chemical-free for food-on-the-go yet? What is your favorite system? How about dealing with picky lunch-eaters? We want to hear your solutions!

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