TALK BACK: Finding Your Way Out of a Funk

A week or two ago, I found myself in a serious FUNK. Not quite a bottomless pit of despair but more than just a bad day, there's just no other way to describe it. The thrill was just... gone.

Nothing was really wrong. Yet, nothing felt right either. I was overwhelmed and grumpy, but too lazy and unmotivated to do anything about it. I spent each day spinning my wheels yet going nowhere. Things were just "meh!"

Sure, it's perfectly fine and good to indulge in my pity party of one in a day or two, but beyond that even I begin to find myself tedious...

I needed an out!

So, I tried several old tricks to snap out of it... to varying degrees of success.

Reconnecting with friends. I went out with my mom friends, but that only drove me further into my malaise. I wrote a post about that last week... A few nights later, I joined my college roommate and her single friends for a night out. I ended up being bored out of my mind. I forgot how much time we used to spend looking for/over analyzing/posturing for potential boyfriends... It just isn't my scene anymore and I came home with a new found appreciation for my life just as it is.

Just kept moving in spite of myself. The next morning, my kids woke me up extra early. (Punishment for my night out, perhaps?) My four-year-old son asked if he and I could walk to church, just the two of us. So we did and all the while talking about everything and nothing in particular. Exercise is a great relieving stress, but I think it was the distraction of being in someone else's world of a little while. Four is a prime age for distraction.

Making time for me. Hubby and I planned a much needed date night, but he got sick and we had to cancel. I kept the babysitter anyway and just took an afternoon for myself. I got a smoothie. I got a pedicure. I read Vogue cover to cover. It was a frivolous indulgence, but it was oh so fabulous! I came home to a clean kitchen and kids who had been fed, bathed, and couldn't wait to hug me.

Life was good again and my funk just sort of evaporated as gradually and inexplicably as it had crept in.

So what pulls you out of a funk? Spa day? Night out with friends? Wine? Husband? Kids? Romance novels? Do tell.


  1. Sounds like my last 2 weeks... in a funk and can't find my way out.. Don't want to really talk to anyone or be near anyone and I know that is not good if it continues... hmmm maybe I need a spa day just for me... will let you know if that works... :)

  2. Ha! The last six months have been funkish. My son was born in march which the day before he was born my husband was let go from his job, so in a months time we moved twice, had a baby, started a new job, and started over. The only thing that helped me is making things, crafts, fun stuff! Like homemade blankets for new babies, or a mobile for my son's crib, right now I'm designing his new bedding.

  3. oddly...the library. Money is tight for us due to medical expenses for my youngest child so I love being able to go somewhere that I don't feel the need to spend a dime and have so much to peruse. And above all it's quiet. That's something very rare for me!

  4. pedicure. definatly. I'm a touch person. so it's either that or a massage. It pulls me out of the funks!!

  5. A couple of days ago, I overheard a woman say "one week out of the month, I'm in a dark place and you can't tell me it's hormones because it's always a different week." I wanted to hug her, but I thought being embraced by a stranger might be startling. Like you, I make lists of things that cheer me, though sometimes the funk is so dark I need a flashlight to read by. A trip to a garden, a solo matinee, a good book read on the sofa in broad daylight...

  6. i love me a girls night, it does so much good for the soul


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