MAMA LOVES ... to laugh

Belly laughs, giggles, snorts … laughing makes me happy. And, the easiest way to a good chuckle is via Interstate Read – located between book bound and nightstand pileup. Here’s some favorite funny reads for the pre-K to first grade crowd(ish).

A knowing laugh: Author Robert Munsch cracks me up – the kids too! Thomas’ Snowsuit is my life. However, instead of a brand new brown snowsuit, our daily challenge is with socks and shoes. My 5YO has been known to tantrum over socks being “too soft.” Too soft!!! Just like Thomas’s mother, I’ve stuffed my little flower into her socks/shoes and pushed her out the door. When we read this, Kid #2 plays the part of Thomas screaming “NNNOOOOO!” She thinks this is hilarious. Me?? The story makes me feel “less” crazy.

A snorting laugh: Don’t you love how the bus driver in Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! leaves the reader in charge?! The only rule – don’t let that pesky pigeon drive the bus no matter how he pleads. I play the part of the pigeon – whining and begging and sobbing. The more I fuss and beg, the more my little one says “no way!” – in between snorts of laughter.

A ticklish laugh: Apparently, doing something you’re not supposed to be doing is pretty darn funny in our house. It’s certainly the case for Tickle the Duck! Don't you Dare!, which is a fan favorite. While I calmly read the story, the kids use their ninja-like reflexes to try and tickle the furry duck feathers or leathery webbed feet. Not the best book for bedtime because it usually breaks down into a family tickle fest!

A belly laugh: For a smart, fun story that Mom & Dad will like as much as the kid, pick up Tacky the Penguin. Tacky is an “odd bird,” who wears Hawaiian shirts and plays the accordion. He doesn’t fit in with the rest of his penguin gang – Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly and Perfect. And, that’s what makes Tacky perfectly charming and funny. As the reader, there’s great opportunity to sing off-key, count wrong and infuse your own Tacky-esque tone and silliness to the tale.

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