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This is a true story.

I don't totally know how to describe my daughter in words, because when I write about her it doesn't seem true. But if you don't know me/her - try and read these words and believe them if possible. She is really, really beautiful. She is extremely high energy and could literally go an entire day without sitting down. She is very strong willed and constantly says, "I do not want to do that." BUT she is the most loving person I've ever met. She's going to make mama of the year one day because she is so nurturing and loving. She gives better hugs than most adults and when she hugs you, she also usually pats your back and asks if you're ok. All that being said, this is a true story.

Yesterday Glory got up from her nap after about 45 minutes, which is super typical. If I get her quickly enough, she'll lay on the floor with me quietly and so we did that.
The two of us, covered up by a blanket, on the floor facing each other.
And she starts stroking my face. I'm not even kidding.
Most loving child ever.
Then she said, "Mommy - you're my best friend?"
(this is not a phrase we've ever used with them, I'm assuming she's picked up on me saying "best friend" in relation to mine)
Of course I said, "yes, baby! I'm your best friend!"
And my mind started reeling with the sweet life the two of us had ahead.

When we picked Daddy up from work, I couldn't wait to tell my husband about it, couldn't wait to tell him how her little question had made my day and given me grand thoughts of our future and how we were going to have this beautiful, respectful, best-friend kind of relationship.
So I looked back to Glor and said, "Tell Daddy who your best friend is!"
Her response...

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