TALK BACK: What You Wished You Knew Before You Knew Better

I followed a link from Twitter, which took me to Brené Brown’s blog, Ordinary Courage and this video:

She's right. It is too good not to share!

It had me tearing up. Not that it's that difficult to do. Ever since becoming a mom, I always feel like I'm on the razor edge of tears. Hormones, perhaps? I think it has to do with dealing with such intense feelings day to day- both mine and the kids'...

If you could go back to right before you had your first child, what would YOU tell yourself?

Man! Oh Man! What I wouldn't tell myself?!

First would have to be: Giving so much to another being doesn't mean having to give up on yourself. You have enough love to go 'round. Promise!

This post was originally featured on my personal blog, Formerly Gracie, with the alternative title, "Google Doesn't Have Children", which made me laugh out loud. Not in the ubiquitous Internet way. I really laughed out loud when I saw that!


  1. Wow that is a great video!
    What would i tell myself...? "It's ok to ask for help", I tried to do everything on my own and pushed myself into a deep depression for years. Now that I ask for help 3 yrs later, I'm finally saying goodbye to depression.

  2. I'd tell myself "Don't worry so much, you'll figure it out as you go and she'll guide you" and "hold her more".

  3. I'm not a crier, usually, and that did make me tear up. Beautiful -- the combination of the beautiful song, the beautiful women and their words was perfect.

    "Time flies" would be what I would say, I think. And "it's all a surprise"


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