TALK BACK: Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures.  We all have them.

Sometimes, I am embarrassed to admit mine.  Not so much because I am ashamed, but more because the minute my husband sees me watching Teen Mom, he ruthlessly makes fun of me.

Honestly, I don't think I could keep my sanity if I didn't have my guilty pleasures to remind me that I am a woman first and foremost, and sometimes this woman needs a little guilt in her life.

So what are my guilty pleasures?

The shows on MTV ... to include The City and formerly The Hills.  I stopped taping it when LC left.  It lost its heart, and I can't stand Heidi. But a good "reality" drama while laying about in my big bed? Totally guilty.

Teen televisionDegrassi?  Oh yeah.  Any movie on ABC Family starring Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan when she was still cute?  You betcha.  I will TiVO episode upon episode of Make It Or Break It with no regret!  I don't know what it is, the angst or the reminder of life with no worries that gets me, but I am transported to a land of happiness every single time.

A book with a little sex... or who am I kidding, a lot of sex.  With a glass of wine at the beach on a balmy day? My idea of a perfect, and guilty, day.

Blogging in the bathroom.  Yeah, I know, total TMI, right?  But a lot of the time, I go in there, even if I don't have to "do" something.  It's quiet, it's (mostly) sterile, and there is a baby and husband proof lock on the door.  Some might see potty, but I see nirvana.

And lastly...

Cuddling with my baby and smelling his hair.  Oh the smell of baby hair.  He tends to smell like his lavender baby shampoo.  Unless he's puked.  And then he smells like feet.

So what about you? What are you ashamed or not to admit is your guilty pleasure?


  1. Almond croissants with lattes- I hardly get to savor, much less finish an entire cup of coffee these days. Weekend brunch- see previous. Sleeping in on weekends when my husband isn't working- rarer than leprechauns riding unicorns

  2. That first cup of coffee. Can't come soon enough.

    Time at the beach, by myself.

    A long walk with no children in tow or to monitor on bikes and razors. Just me, a good ipod mix and my thoughts.

    Girls' Night out - happy hour and a movie.

    Ahhhh. :)


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