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Siliskin Glasses
Silikids is the creator of fine practical and non-toxic children’s products. The mom-founded brand focuses on children’s products that are toxin free, hypoallergenic and made entirely of silicone. The modern line of BPA-free products are as pretty as they are functional. 

We had the opportunity to review the Siliskin 6oz Glass Set, a great alternative to plastic drinkware. They are perfect for teaching little ones to use a cup and have a silicone protector to help prevent slips or breaks. These glasses are BPA-free and made from 100% food grade silicone. Glass is reusable and recyclable, making these a true eco-friendly products for kids! The Siliskin silicone cover is also recyclable through specialty recycling facilities, or you can send it back to Silikids and they will take care of the recycling.  I love that they come in different colors, so that each of my kids can use theirs for the day, and then I can slip them into the dishwasher at night.

True Cook Microwave Technology
Yes, yes.  We know we should be reducing our microwave use.  But we also know that for many busy moms, the microwave is an inevitable convenience.  If you are looking to microwave “smarter”, check out the True Cook Technology available on LG and Kenmore brand microwaves.  It is preprogrammed for hundreds of food items, so that your food is cooked only the amount needed.  In additional to fully cooking foods to avoid bacteria, this technology helps you avoid burning your food or serving scalding food to little ones.  Thanks to Momfluential for letting us try it out!

Seasons 52 Restaurant

Finally, for the ultimate date night, check out the Seasons 52 restaurant.  I got a chance to try it last weekend and it blew me away, and not just because it was fancy cuisine and I was without small children.  When we arrived I perused the menu and noticed that it was pretty heavy on the rare and fancy meats, and I pulled the chef aside and asked if there were vegetarian options.  Without missing a bit, he whipped up a vegetarian plate for me at each course, and it was truly stunning.  This was the artichoke-stuffed artichoke appetizer.  Because really, can you ever have enough artichoke?  I don’t think so. Seasons 52 relies on seasonal, healthy food that is locally grown.  ?  Anyways, it was delicious and their dessert sampler was heavenly.

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