Mama Love: Back to School

... I'm always on the lookout for products free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC for my kids, and choosing lunchboxes & accessories is no exception. The Soft Landing is a great place to start your quest, with lots of great chemical-free & reusable (waste-free!) options.

... How cute are these Zoo Packs 'Little Kids Packpacks' by SKIP*HOP?! (Also free of yucky chemicals!) My new preschooler will be sporting the cute little owl this year.

... Check out Environmental Working Group's tips on picking greener school supplies for that loooooong list you have to fulfill. (Is it just me or does it get more expensive every year?!)

... Markers and crayons are sure to be on your list, right? Clementine Art's fresh and natural art supplies encourage creativity and support healthy development! You really can't beat that combo.

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