Leave the toys behind

We have been blessed to spend this past week with about 40 family members in a very special lakeside dreamy location. My family has been traveling to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland since I was a very young child, and now I am blessed to be able to bring my children on the same journey I did as a child.

When I was planning for this trip, I could not quite wrap my mind around how we would entertain 14 kids under the age of 15. I had a pile of toys to bring, but alas, the bags got too full. So, we left them behind.

I'm so glad we did.

These children had the most incredible week just being together. Playing hand games. Chatting about the grass. Being puppies. Chasing bubbles. Eating snacks. Swapping stories. Splashing in the lake as mermaids. They were not distracted by toys. They were truly entertained by each other.

It was so lovely to behold.

Leave the toys behind, Mamas. Leave 'em behind.

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