Hotel Rage

If you have children, and you've stayed in a hotel, you know what I'm talking about.

You lay everyone down to sleep.  Except that, unlike home, you are all in the same room.  If you turn the tv on, the kids will not sleep.  If you speak, the kids will not sleep.  So your only option is to sit quietly in the dark.  For the better part of an hour.  Just sitting there. Quietly.  Waiting for that moment of confirmation that everyone is finally asleep, so that you can get up and pee, or turn on the tv, or open a bag of chips.  Only, when you do, a voice calls out, "Mommy, what are you eating?"  Which sets the baby to crying.  Which wakes up the other two.  And then you repeat the above steps, only now you are angrily growling at all of them to be quiet.  BE QUIET.  OH MY GOSH I WILL SPANK THE NEXT KID WHO TALKS.

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