dreaming about tumblers

The other night I had the most vivid dream that someone gave me a new coffee tumbler and it was just magical. I woke up and I was literally disappointed that the tumbler wasn't an actual part of my life. Which got me thinking.... coffee cups and mugs and tumblers are VERY important to me. Are they that important to you?
And if not, do you have an inanimate object that is a big part of your day?

Now, I really should've gone into my cabinets and just shot some pictures for you guys but I'm using the excuse, "my coffee cups and mugs are so precious to me that they're too private to take pictures of". Really, I just don't have enough time to take pictures and upload them. But oh goodness, I wish I could give you a personal tour through my mugs and tell you about them. The stories of love behind the ones that were gifts. The ones that fit my hand just perfectly. I'd show you the tiny small ones that I give to my friend because she doesn't like a big cup. I LOVE knowing which coffee cups my friends prefer - because then I feel like I know them and can serve them all the more. I even linger thoughtfully in the tea section of Trader Joe's every week thinking about my anti-coffee friends and wondering what they like and occasionally buying a new box, just in case they come over.

Anyhow, without further ado - my fantasy coffee cup selection.
(let's be clear - I don't want to eradicate my current collection - just add to it)

I think these are the perfect playdate mugs. Now - I'd take them out of that crazy holder - but can't you just see a bunch of mamas standing in the northwest mist with these, watching kids go down the slide?!

everyone needs a mug from their hometown.
especially with some tomato red on it.

My husband would LOVE this mug. I would never use them, but he'd like them.

Well, this is my dream "reading time" mug.

And these are just too fun! I love the pantone website, I may as well have it in my cabinets.

Ok. What about you? What possession are you a little nutty about? Purses? Plates? Trash cans?
Oooh, I'd love a new trash can too. Yikes.

Jessi blogs and drinks lots of coffee over at Naptime Diaries.

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