This week's giveaway is one that should have all of you book worms on the edges of your seats. As a true nerdy book worm myself, I was smitten with these books from the first reading.

Author Davy Liu has created some of the most captivating stories with truly magical illustrations. Prior to penning these children's books, Davy worked for Disney on “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin,” “Mulan,” and “The Lion King.” His books have been written (and illustrated) with the goal of becoming children's films. Currently he has 3 books in print, and his goal is to create a series of 12 books that will also be movies. All of the books have animals as the characters, because Davy noticed that all of the projects he worked on with Disney had the greatest response when the characters were animals - they were universally appealing.

Davy has an incredible story - he really struggled through school with academics. His parents wanted him to succeed and pushed him hard, but he could not seem to perform academically at the level that they hoped for. He eventually discovered that he had quite an amazing artistic ability and began to foster it. He won some contests with his submissions and finally felt as though he had found "his thing". His artistic ability is clear when you see his illustrations.

The first book in the series is The Giant Leaf. It has a message of faith and vision. We meet Kendu, a fox that is lives in slavery to large dinosaur beasts. At night he dreams of a giant leaf and he knows that the leaf represents a life of peace that he longs for.

He eventually takes a journey fueled by faith that leads him to the giant leaf from his dreams. The story has twists and turns and is incredibly captivating. Davy's hope is to inspire a "Kendu" (pronounced almost like "can do") spirit in the children that read his books. Woven into this story is the story of Noah and the creation of the ark.

The second book created by Davy is The Fire Fish. This book has a message of faith and perseverance through struggles.

The historical events from Exodus are woven into the narrative following a family of fish and their journey through dangerous waters and fighting to stay united as a family in the sea. I fell in love with these little fish and their fighting spirit from page one.

The third book is Jordan's Guest. This book introduces us to Jordan, a donkey that is living in a world where horses and camels are the prized animals.

He questions his purpose but is taken on a journey where he ultimately discovers he has a purpose bigger than he could have imagined.

The 4th book in the series is The Royal Feast . It's a story about building
character and's based on the book of Daniel (from the Bible), but from the lion's

I cannot wait to read this book! Here is a brief synopsis that Davy was willing to share with us as a sneak peak ...

After a long season of drought, the plains are green and full of life
again. Belt, an orphaned lion cub, is enjoying his adoptive porcupine
family but beginning to wonder what it means to be a real lion.

Tricked by the bully Mohawks, Belt falls into a hole and is captured by
two-feeters who cart him away to the city. After he is saved from a fire
by a two-feeter with a golden mane, he finds himself in a stone palace
ruled by the wise lion, Nebu.

Years later, the appearance of a familiar golden-maned stranger tests
Belt’s courage and all that he has learned from Nebu. The Royal Feast is a
compelling story packed with adventure, intrigue and a touch of humor that
is sure to bring a knowing smile.

We are so excited to be able to give away a set of the first 3 books that are already in print to one lucky mama reader. Please leave a comment answering the following question in order to be entered:

"What is your favorite children's book to read to your children?"

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And now for the winner of last week's giveaway:
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Congratulations! Shoot us an email by 8/1 to mamagiveaways(at)gmail(dot)com with your prize in the subject line, and we'll hook you up! Keep checking back for more great giveaways!

If you would like to purchase these books, please visit Davy's website. They also have the "movie book" for The Giant Leaf & The Fire Fish in DVD for $20. It's a great follow and read-along for the kids to see the words
and animations on the computer. If interested in this item, you can place an order via email:

Davy obviously has an incredible story. He is available to speak and loves to share his story with audiences of all ages. If you or anyone you know is interested in setting this up, please contact his media relations agent via email or phone.

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