Summertime Brilliance

I love the Real Simple weekly tips. Whoever is behind developing these tips is simply brilliant. And, they make me happy. Recently they had a weekly tip titled "50 Smart Summertime Uses for Old Things". It's fab.

Here are some of my favorites:

Recycle your six pack containers to cleverly tote your condiments & flatware items to the picnic table.

Tote your picnic stuff in a laundry basket.
After you reach your ideal destination, unload and flip the basket over. Place a table cloth over the picnic basket and use the basket as a table. Tote everything home, and hose out the picnic basket.

When you need to cut corn off the cob, place the corn inside the hole in a bundt pan, and as you cut, the corn will fall into the bundt pan (as opposed to your kitchen floor).

Another brilliant idea for a bundt pan - freeze water in the mini bundt pans and use as large floating ice cubes in a punch bowl at a party.

So pretty.

Make an aluminum foil funnel to transfer salad dressing to a pretty bottle.

Makes for a much prettier outdoor table.

To soothe pesky, itchy bug bites, dissolve 2 antacid tablets in a glass of water and then dab on the bites.

Use coffee filters to protect little hands from dripping popsicles or ice cream bars.

Poke the stick of the treat through the filter and it will catch the drips.

Do you have any summertime shortcuts or ideas for repurposing?

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