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...right around the time July hits, I usually have sweet ideas of sun dresses and wide brimmed hats floating around in my head. Somehow, it doesn't totally translate and I end up wearing my hole-y yoga pants and coffee stained men's undershirt and calling that "my summer style". Before I do that too many days in a row, I thought it might help to compile some summer fashion inspiration. What IS actually in style, what looks can I put together using what I actually have, and what staples do I need so my poor yoga pants get a rest.

First - some "day at the park" inspiration.

I'm loving the idea of these slouchy cropped pants. WAY better than holy yoga pants.
A mature graphic tee helps anyone's energy level.
A pair of navy Tom's, good for the world and your feet.
A bright tote and some sunglasses would round out this day.
Because, if you're going to be pushing someone on a swing for 43 minutes - you may as well feel sort of cute doing it.

Next, coffee with some girlfriends. Or tea, if you prefer.
I'm trying to promise myself that any time I won't be digging under the car seat for someone's passy, I will try and wear a light and airy dress like this one.
And anytime I don't HAVE to carry diapers or cheerios or someone's favorite "thomas the train", I'll try and carry a clutch instead of a bag.
This masculine watch just thrills me. Thrills me. Thrills me.
Some sweet feminine earrings and wedges would just complete some time talking with good friends.

Lastly, a date with my husband. My favorite activity on earth.

Sometimes it's hard for me to move into wife-mode after being in mommy-mode all week. A shirt like this would really, really help. Don't you think?
And, being a girl from the south, wicker jewelry is a sight for sore eyes. Ahhh, wicker.
Flats and cropped pants make everything feel a little simple. In a good way.
With some turquoise and gold studs from etsy to round it all out.

.... so there's where I'm starting with summer fashion inspiration.
Hopefully if nothing else, it will help me to take a second look at my closet tomorrow and avoid pants with no button.
What are you wearing this summer, mamas?

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