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... I love this dialed in "mobile art cart" idea. We have our crafty art supplies spread out across the house in many different nooks and crannies. I will be implementing this idea from wee wonderfuls.

[photo from real simple]
... this fabulous list of ideas to entertain kids is the perfect fix for the moment when you look at the wild beasts running towards you and think to yourself, "what in the world do we do now" (and it is only 9:30 AM). If this other list doesn't inspire you to channel that inner kid within, you might need to go buy a pack of bubble gum. (I think I am more excited to make those bubbles than my kids.)

... one of my quirks is enjoying brushing my teeth. I just love that new squeaky clean feel. I guess I've passed that down to my children because they get very excited about new toothbrushes. My latest favorite for me is the Radius toothbrush. I dig the timer that tells me when to move to the next quadrant, and the indicator that tells me when it is time to add a new brush head. The handle remains, and by just replacing the brush head, I am throwing away less plastic AND it is made out of recycled stuff. My kid's fave is the spinbrush my way - it spins (they are mesmerized), and it comes with stickers that can be used to design their own fancy style. I think toothbrushes are the perfect stocking stuffer or easter basket surprise (I told you I was quirky!).

... I have a 6 year old who has graduated from an obsession with the hula hoop, to a new obsession with jump roping. We hear a lot of jump rope chants coming from her room, as she pretends to jump rope in front of the mirror. Who knew Jump Rope was such a big deal in the big world. I certainly didn't until I stumbled on these videos. And then I. could. not. walk. away. Check out this video. This team is amazing. And, this guy, well, he just makes me tired. Who knew that jump rope was more than a blacktop activity at school. I'm a bit nervous to google "hopscotch".

... I am loving this Children's garden. Makes me want to go dig a hole or something.

... I cannot wait to see this film this Fall. Education is a big deal, and it seems like a moment in our country's history where we need to pause and consider whether what is happening is working. I love films that do not just point fingers at all the brokenness, but that chant the beauty of the good too. This looks like it will do that quite well.

... and, with that, i will leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes ...

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