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... We are loving all the festive American hoopla leading up to the 4th of July. These coloring sheets shared over at Make & Takes are as dandy as Yankee Doodle himself. (Who was Yankee Doodle, anyway? If you know, please tell us!)

... We think the design of these simple stands from Photogator that hold those ever so popular cute photo cards we all get (or invitations, or little doodled drawings from your offspring, or business cards...) is quite innovative!

... The Secret Ingredient (by Sally Bee) is a cookbook that is filled with kid-friendly recipes that will become healthy family staples. We get asked to review a lot of cookbooks. This is one that we would absolutely recommend to all the mamas we know.

... Another cookbook that I'm loving is one that I found at my local library. Real Food for Healthy Kids. Real food ... enough said.

... And while we are on the subject of the library and books, let me give a huge shout out to one of my new favorite sites for finding quality books for our home library. Whether you are a homeschooler (I am diving in this fall!), or simply want to surround your kids with great books, I highly recommend you peruse the website for Beautiful Feet Books. Check out their biography packs, or the packs designed to teach character (this is one that I am saving up for!). It is refreshing to think of teaching history through good literature (novel idea, right!). Need even more inspiration? Check out their blog - it will make you want to read to your kids right now.

... We absolutely love fellow mama Heather's fun Happy July Roundup of eye candy. And, I think her 10 in 10 photo log is simply brilliant!

... If you are anything like me the onset of summer triggers an intense desire to till the earth and have a huge flourishing garden. My desires are left unfulfilled due to my very small "plot of land" (patio). Thank you, internet, for allowing me to live vicariously through Heather over at A Day In The Country. She's a stylist by trade so her photos are lovely, but the real star of the show is her amazing garden. sigh.

Happy [almost] 4th of July, Mamas. We wish you a safe holiday with those you love. May we be grateful for our freedom.

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