Husband Appreciation Day

{back in the day when it was just the two of us}

I am learning that I sometimes forget to notice my husband. I think that with the presence of little people who often have needs that demand immediate attention, I can put my hubby on the back burner. Not intentionally. Not out of spite. But, over time, I wonder what sort of toll our coming and going and fragmented conversations amidst breaking up fights over the pink dinosaurs and wiping bottoms and the "hold on, I will be right back" (and then forget to come right back) moments will have on us.

I shared a while back that we do this thing called "The 5 A's". We have not been doing such a good job at maintaining that. Need to kick that in high gear again. It really helps us stay connected amidst the busy days in this season of life for us.

For a long season we were able to do a weekly date night. We would alternate who was in charge of planning it. The person in charge of planning it was supposed to plan the date solely to make the other person very happy. (Oh, and the "planner" was in charge of securing the sitter! It was such a great deal). What this did for both of us, was weekly cause us to be thinking of each other a lot. When it was my week to plan the date, I would find myself thinking of Drew so often - thinking about what kinds of foods he likes, what he was into at the time, and as I was cruising about town, I had my eyes open wide to notice fun places that he would love. We had some pretty great nights! I highly recommend a weekly date night. Our budget is a bit tighter at this moment in time, so we are trying to do a weekly date night at home. We have dinner together after the kids go to bed, and try to spend some quality time talking (and "talking"). I am thinking that we should even kick these nights up a notch and rotate planning our in home date night.

Here is the deal: my husband is amazing! He works really hard [two jobs!] so that I can be home full-time with our kids. He is an amazing father - so loving and so intentional with the kids. He is a phenomenal musician - he is the kind of guy that women swoon over while he sings and I have him here in my house (and he has written many a love song for me)! He is super funny and so much fun to hang out with. He is hot! ...There are so many qualities in him that are worthy of praise and gratitude on my part and I do not speak my love and appreciation for him nearly enough.

I have a sneaking suspicion that most moms might just be in the same boat as me.

So... here is my recommendation. Go, right now, and find a piece of paper and list 5 things that you love about your husband. 5 things that you are thankful for. Make this "Husband Appreciation Day". Share your list with your hubby today. You can read it to him over candle light. You can email it to him. You can leave him little notes in fun places for him to find. Do it however it fits you, but I recommend that we for sure do this! Just thinking about what I love about my husband has made me more thankful for him!

And, do me a favor, let me know how it goes.

*If you do not have a spouse, then substitute another special person in that slot. We have far too many people in our lives who deserve to be told they are loved!

How do you stay connected to your spouse? Do you have a weekly date night? I would love to hear what works for you.

I am constantly reminded of my precious grandparents. They had one of the most precious relationships I have ever witnessed. They had 8 kids. Yep, 8! Insanity. But, even in the midst of all those kids and all the life that buzzed around them, you could see the love between them. One of the magical pieces to their relationship was how they talked about each other in front of each other, and apart from each other. I have so many memories of my grandma buzzing past my grandpa and he would smile and say to whomever could hear, "There goes that pretty lady. Most beautiful lady in the world." She would do the same for him. He passed away not too long ago and it is really surreal to see my Grams without him. But, she still talks about him so fondly. They are a legacy that I chase after.

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