Spring Art Project

I saw a fabulous craft post over at whatever, and had to try it out with my kids (Meg @ whatever got the idea from Pink & Green Mama). I ended up getting them set up to paint while I made dinner and it worked out so well. They were in watercolor heaven. I had a little George Winston Pandora love going on - the mellowness settled in like a cloud.

The goal is to help kids create some Georgia O'Keefe inspired flowers.

We visited this site to check out her works of art. My kids preferred gazing at the flowers the children painted on whatever and Pink & Green Mama's sites. Must be the happy rainbow colors.

I drew some flowers for my son with a sharpie on white cardstock, and then my daughter drew her own. He finished his flowers much quicker than she did, so he started on a painting of a "happy tree". But, the happy tree needed to be bald. Oh how I wish I could freeze his 4 year old little self right now.

They started to paint. - We talked about painting the petals, the middle, and the background all different colors so that it "pops". They loved it. It was seriously calming.

Logan's masterpiece

Callen's masterpiece (Mama helped with the background)

Go paint something.

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