A Gussy Giveaway!

If you're a Mama Manifesto regular, you know this is a hot spot for great giveaways. This one is no exception. Brought to you by Heather of the EO, feast your eyes on the ruffly goodness that is {Gussy}...


I know. I need to put my laptop in one of those!

Gussy is a line of ruffled accessories. Each ruffle is machine sewn free-hand style, making each ruffle unique. About 18 months ago Gussy sat down at her kitchen table -- She wanted to learn how to sew. And here she is now, offering zipped pouches of all sizes, laptop bags, netbook/iPad bags, tote/diaper bags, checkbook covers, wristlet/clutches and note cards (all with her signature ruffle) to those that love a little flair :)
And, she's recently quit her day job to pursue Gussy full-time. To read more about Gussy,
click here.

The Nester wrote, "Gussy has a juicy shop full of all kinds of wonderfulness, and her blog, Gussy has a lot to say is quickly becoming a crafter’s headquarters where she features different crafters/artists and writes about her experience."

-$30 shop credit to be spent at www.shopgussy.com
-all baby blankets are exempt from giveaway credit
-first entry(required): visit Gussy's shop and come back here to comment with your favorite item
-ideas for for multiple entries (optional):
  • tweet this: It's a @GussySews giveaway @MamaManifesto ! - http://tinyurl.com/28w4k3v
  • follow Gussy on Twitter (@gussysews)
  • follow Gussy's blog (www.maggiewhitley.com)
This giveaway will be open until Friday, June 11th at 5pm central. (Why central? Because Heather lives in Minnesota and she doesn't convert time very well.) The winner will be chosen by random.org

Good Gussy Luck!

P.S. Heather doesn't know why she's talking about herself in third person. She is doing this giveaway because she's a huge fan of the Gussy. She hopes that if you came over here from her blog, The Extraordinary Ordinary, that you stick around Mama Manifesto. She wants you to peek at the recipes. She says this is a great go-to place for quick and easy and healthy meals, as well as tips and tricks for the everyday, extraordinary-ordinary mother. And now Heather says Peace Out.


~beauty and joy~

Congratulations, lady! You're gettin' some {Gussy}

(if it seems strange that the comments have disappeared, they really didn't. They did vanish from blogger, but were still saved on disqus. There were 181 comments and the winner was chosen by random.org. Thanks for playin')


  1. Thanks, ladies! I was actually looking for a special gift for a special friend's baby shower. I am excited to get her something from Gussy! Thank you! :)

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