SUNDAY GIVEAWAY: KidsCraft Playhouse

Anytime we have received a large package in the mail, my kids have very quickly staked their claim on the box. They have made ships, treasure boxes, forts, presents, caves, and clubhouses out of the larger boxes we've received (our UPS delivery fella has saved the day for me many times!). KidsCraft Playhouses has taken this idea and kicked it up a notch by creating the cardboard "Creation Cottage" or Space Shuttle that already has the doors and windows cut out for you.

You simply have to assemble the cottage as if you are putting together a large puzzle, and then set your kids free to do what they do best -- play! My kids got to test out this cottage and I have loved seeing the imaginative play it has inspired. This "cottage", which is made out of recycled paper (thank you very much, KidsCraft!), has morphed into a fort, a clubhouse, a store, a castle, a school classroom, a tent, a motor home, a crazy game where you score points by throwing balls through the windows and chimney, and back into a cottage again. I think the best aspect of it is that it is designed as an empty canvas for the imagination, not only in what the cottage becomes, but also for kids to color it, paint it, and write all over it. The hardest part for me was not taking over "the design of the cottage exterior". I so badly wanted to "help" the kids with their color scheme, but every time I ventured near it with my markers, my daughter would smile and say, "This is a kids' fort - no adults allowed."

I guess we all need our own little space.

KidsCraft Playhouses is giving away either a "Creation Cottage" or "Shuttle Imagination" to one mama reader (they will only ship to a USA address), so please enter to win by visiting and then leaving a comment here with one interesting thing you see on the KidsCraft website.

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Congratulations! Shoot us an email by 5/30 to mamagiveaways(at)gmail(dot)com with your prize in the subject line, and we will hook you up! Keep checking back for more great giveaways!

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