Mama Love

... Every mother will somehow relate to this post on "having it all" by Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things. And while you're there, you must read the moving birth story of her beautiful baby girl, Nella... with a box of tissues.

... Hoping to beat summertime boredom this year? Aren't we all?! Mique at 30 days just kicked off 'Funner in the Summer', where she'll be featuring fun kids' activities, recipes, and tutorials from other clever moms each Tuesday and Thursday!

... My third-grade daughter has recently been dealing with some girlfriend drama at school, which leaves me thinking... "Already?!" Yep. Already, indeed. I just found Girl Politics by Nancy Rue at my church's bookstore, which looks like a great, interactive read for young girls, with a very important message. And she loves it so far!

"Friends, cliques, and really mean chicks... How to deal with relationships and be the young woman God created you to be- just be yourself!"

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