make-your-own pita night

I have one very picky eater, one great eater, and one much-too-busy-to-ever-bother-sitting-down-for-a-meal eater. Trying to please the whole crowd for dinner can be a challenge, but there's just something about putting everything in tiny bowls that screams FUN.

Kids love helping out in the kitchen, and for some reason mixing and matching their own choice of ingredients is far better than anything Mom could throw together for them! Stuffing pitas is great, because it's quick, you can offer tons of fresh veggies, and maybe even clean out your fridge as you go.

Try offering whole wheat pita pockets with a meat and a grain {I love using diced organic chicken apple sausage with jasmine rice}, and a variety of vegetables and beans. Topped with a little hummus and avocado slices? The whole family is happy.

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